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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

CommonTime mSuite

CommonTime mSuite

Mã sp: SW6000
Nhãn hiệu: Software
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  Our comprehensive device management and security solution  


What is mSuite?

mSuite is a fully scalable mobile device management platform. It allows you to mobilize your workforce and maintain full security compliance whilst giving mobile workers the ability to access all the information they need to be at their most productive.

mSuite has very broad functionality and comprehensively addresses the concerns of most organizations. Our mSuite product can be used for a particular priority or to underpin your entire mobile working strategy.

What does mSuite do?

mSuite for Device Management

mSuite allows an organization full control over all of their mobile devices and software from a central point. With advanced features such as device lockdown and policy control, mSuite can ensure that data and devices are kept fully secure.

mSuite for Mobilizing Lotus Notes

mSuite offers Lotus Notes users a full mobile extension to their office tools and information. Access your corporate Email, Calendar, Contacts and other essential business applications wherever you are.

mSuite for Mobilizing your Business Processes

mSuite is a powerful device management platform allowing mass deployment of business applications to its users. Fully compatible with our mDesign Studio, mSuite will provide the means of rapidly deploying line of business applications without the need for devices to be returned to the office, therefore keeping your mobile workers productive out in the field.


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