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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Epson AcuLaser™ C9300N

Epson AcuLaser™ C9300N

Mã sp: C9300N
Nhãn hiệu: Epson
Giá bán: Call
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Uncompromised Print Efficiency and Reliability

The Epson AcuLaser™ C9300N is always ready for action, warming up from Sleep Mode in just 16sec. It delivers its first page out in less than 8.3sec for black and 9.9sec for colour and achieves a top printing speed of 30ppm for A4 and 17.3ppm for A3. Gigabit Ethernet is built-in to ensure fast data transmission. A monthly duty cycle of 100,000 pages ensures maximum reliability for workgroups, while downtime is minimised by smart features such as auto switching to monochrome printing when colour toners are depleted – eliminating the need to re-send the data and also paper wastage from reprinting.

Extraordinarily Low Running Cost for Colour Printing

Epson toner cartridges deliver amazingly low cost per page of just US$0.018# (A4/Bk) and US$0.030# (A4/Cl). Double Pack toner cartridges yield up to 15,000 pages and even lower cost per page of US$0.015# (A4/Bk) and US$0.023# (A4/Cl). Reduce your paper consumption with the optional duplex unit and save more with Energy Star compliant modes:

  • Deep Sleep Mode: sets the time for temporary power off to reduce power consumption to 0.90W or less.
  • Toner Save Mode: reduces toner consumption while maintaining superb print quality.

#Refer to brochure/specifications page

Exceptional Print Quality with New Epson Technologies

Be dazzled by the amazingly sharp text, smooth colours and crisp details in every print out. A host of unique technologies from Epson helps you get the most out of the C9300N’s class-leading 1200dpi resolution.

  • Advanced Amplitude Modulation (AAM) Screen
    Clearer reproduction of small-sized text, detailed graphics as well as web images.
  • Dot Correction Tech
    Improves print quality of fine lines and details in photos and CAD drawings.
  • Colour Photo Graphics Improvement (C-PGI)
    Optimises balance between image detail and colour gradation in photographs.


  • Colour Resolution Improvement (C-RIT)
    Reproduces text, slanted or curved lines smoothly and clearly.


Epson Connect

Print wirelessly from anywhere to your network connected Epson AcuLaser™ C9300N. Epson iPrint 2.0 makes it easy - just install the app and you’re ready to print web pages, Microsoft® Office documents, photos and PDFs from your smartphone. You can even scan and save the file on your device, to send as an email or upload to a cloud service such as Box.net, Dropbox, Evernote® or Google® Docs.

Easier Management of Print Jobs

With our new print management features, you can easily take control of your workgroup's printing workflow.

Print Job Interruption
Print jobs from different users can be prioritised for better workgroup efficiency. User can intercept and choose his or her print job to be printed, or even cancel his or her print job from the control panel even when printer is still printing its current print job.

Print Job Arranger
Users can customise and save the settings for every print job, even for individual pages in a multi-page document. Examples include landscape/portrait orientation, single/double-sided, change of paper size, page layout (up to 4-up), and re-arranging pages within a print job.

Vertical-Horizontal Sorting
When printing multiple sets of the same document, this function arranges the printouts in alternate vertical and horizontal sets for easy differentiation and sorting.

Auto Detect Letter/A4 Paper Sizes
Eliminates the frustration of wrong default paper settings.

Auto Switching to Monochrome Printing
Gives users the option to continue printing in monochrome when colour toners are depleted.

Favourites Tab
Users can store and retrieve their most commonly used settings.

Full Frontal Access
Printer is fully accessible from the front without opening side covers for easy replacement of consumables.


Print and Media Flexibility

The Epson AcuLaser™ C9300N is designed to grow with your needs. Easily increase your paper input from 405 sheets to 2,055 sheets with the addition of three optional 550-sheet cassettes. Printing banners or newsletters is a breeze with the C9300N’s support for a wide range of media including paper, envelopes, labels and postcards from weights of 60gsm to 220gsm, and lengths of up to 1,200mm. Adding more users is also easily handled with the optional addition of 768MB of RAM, boosting memory capacity to 1024MB for faster processing of multiple print jobs.


Epson AcuBrite™ Technology

Epson AcuBrite™ toners utilise highly uniform toner particle size and wax distribution for consistently impressive results. This unique printing technology gives you superb clarity with sharpness and outstandingly crisp and bold black text that lasts.


Smaller Environmental and Office Footprint

The Epson AcuLaser™ C9300N and its compactly-sized toner cartridges are made from recycled materials and ozone-free parts to reduce material wastage and environmental impact, and designed to take up less space in your office. It is also Energy Star compliant, with numerous features to help you enjoy significant energy savings.

Phương pháp In ấn Colour Laser Printer
Mật độ căn bản 1200 x 1200 dpi
Tốc độ in Up to 30ppm (colour and monochrome A4, LEF, simplex, 600dpi)
Up to 17.3ppm (colour and monochrome A3, LEF simplex, 600dpi)
Bộ xử lý 400MHz
Thời gian hoàn tất bản in đầu tiên Less than 8.3sec (monochrome A4) / 9.9sec (colour A4)
Thời gian khởi động máy Less than 16sec (from Sleep Mode to Ready)
Kích thước W 499.5mm (19.7”) x D 538mm (21.2”) x H 422mm (16.6”)
Trọng lượng 41kg (without consumables)

Up to 405 sheets* (155 sheets* from MP tray + 250 sheets* from standard paper cassette)


Plain paper (60 – 105gsm), Special paper (106 – 216gsm)

A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, LT, LGL, B (Ledger), Custom: 148 x 210mm to 297 x 431.8mm

148 – 297mm

210 – 431.8mm


Plain paper ( 60 – 105gsm), Special paper (106 – 216gsm), Envelope

A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, LT, HLT, LGL, GLG, GLT, EXE, B (Ledger), F4, Monarch, Com-10, DL, C5, C6, ISO-B5, Custom: 75 x 98mm to 297 x 1200mm

75 – 297mm

98 – 1200mm

60 – 216gsm (A4 only: 60 – 220gsm)


Up to 2,055 sheets (with 3 x 550 sheet optional paper cassettes)


Up to 250 sheets (80gsm paper)
Loại phông chữ STANDARD
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-TX)

1024MB (with optional 768MB module)
Ngôn ngữ in giả lập STANDARD
ESC/Page-Colour, ESC/Page, FX, ESC/P2, 1239X, PCL5C, PCL6, Adobe PostScript (Level 3), PDF 1.6

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