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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Trang chủ MÁY BÁN HÀNG POS Máy POS IBM IBM Self Checkout Systems

IBM Self Checkout Systems

IBM Self Checkout Systems

Mã sp: IBMSelfCheckoutSyste
Nhãn hiệu: IBM
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  • Ultimate usability innovates how consumers transact. A consumer-driven ergonomic design and highly intuitive user interface help to optimize throughput and boost loyalty.
  • Complete solution manageability increases availability. Front-end serviceable hardware systems and an end-to-end systems management solution optimize system uptime for around-the-clock store operations.
  • Greater control and flexibility extend functionality. New CHEC software puts control back into your hands, making it easier to manage and maintain a highly reliable, available self checkout environment.
  • Industry-leading POS integration improves reliability. A new high-level, point-of-sale (POS) interface facilitates a more robust client/server integration, helping increase reliability and making investing in self checkout easier than ever.
  • NEW Enhancements to CHEC software help drive smarter operations
    • Advanced cash tracking and reporting capabilities for increased flexibility and monitoring
    • Improved serviceability with new GS1 support added

Build and maintain customer loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, and enhance the shopping experience through speed and convenience with IBM Self Checkout Systems.

Bringing together its successful and proven self checkout hardware with groundbreaking new software technology, IBM offers an even more rugged, flexible line of configurable self checkout solutions that give consumers and retailers more choices than ever before.

A key new component of IBM Self Checkout Systems is the IBM Checkout Environment for Consumer-Service (CHEC) software, which changes the way retailers implement and manage the self checkout environment. This powerful new software enables Retailers to deploy self checkout solutions more quickly and efficiently, helping to reduce time and cost.

Cashless models available

IBM Self Checkout Systems now can support a broad range of consumer preferences for payment, such as cash and cashless transactions, and offer a variety of belted or scan-and-bag extensions that fit the needs of just about any retail environment.

The all-new AnyPlace Checkout combines the AnyPlace Kiosk form factor with IBM’s self checkout software in an ultra-compact self checkout footprint to leverage the convenience of self checkout in a wide variety of settings.

System configurations
Lane models
  • Cash and cashless models
  • Scan-and-bag and belted models
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) and Toshiba 4690 OS models
Core components
  • System unit: Toshiba SurePOS™ 700 series Lane PC
  • Display: Toshiba SurePoint™ flat panel, high-resolution, color touchscreen 15 in. (38 cm)
Bill and coin acceptors and dispensers, with optional capability for cash recycling (cash models):
  • New coin hopper eliminates extra transport chutes
  • Bill and/or coin recycling optional; with bulk coin input on coin recycling models
  • Separate payment module access to improve security
  • Bill and coin dispenser sensor detects forgotten change
  • Personal identification number (PIN) pads
  • Supports Toshiba SureMark™ Printer options
  • Supports electronic marketing and Catalina coupons
  • Optional feature components available
  • All units are modular with uniform height of 32 in. (81 cm) and width of 35 in. (89 cm)
  • One, two-, three- and six-bag options available; total lane lengths can range from 125 in. to 177 in. (318 cm to 450 cm). Various belt lengths available.
Lane environment Toshiba CHEC lane application components:
  • IBM DB2 Express Edition software
  • Toshiba Remote Management Agent software
  • Toshiba Store Integrator, including Store Integrator GUI and POS Business Component software
  • Software developer toolkit (Windows only)
Operating system:
  • Toshiba CHEC models: WEPOS software preload or 4690 OS Enhanced Terminal
  • Multiple language support
Toshiba Back-Office System Server (BOSS) environment Toshiba CHEC back-office application components:
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server software
  • Toshiba DB2 software
  • Toshiba Remote Management Agent software
Operating system:
  • Toshiba BOSS for Toshiba CHEC models/BW4: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 (optional)
  • For Enterprise BOSS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
POS integration
  • Integration-ready interface available for a variety of POS applications
  • Preintegrated and tested POS reference solutions with Toshiba Application Client/Server Environment (ACE) and Toshiba Supermarket Application (SA)
Mobile terminal software
  • Remote attendant response capability for all self checkout units (operates on existing wireless networks
  • 24×7 phone support
  • Limited warranty terms are specific to geography
  • Extended warranty available
Support services
  • Online diagnostic capability
  • Project management, installation and training available
  • Labor scheduling and operational best practices consulting
  • Technical support available 24×7×365

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