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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

IBM SurePOS 300 Express

IBM SurePOS 300 Express

Mã sp: IBMSurePOS300
Nhãn hiệu: IBM
Giá bán: Call
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Small and midsized retailers are faced with an uphill battle in today’s fragmented, fiercely competitive market. They struggle to stay afloat in a world of retail giants with wide resources. IBM understands these demands and offers the innovative IBM SurePOS™ 300 Express™ at its lowest price ever—lower than a PC cash drawer.1 This highly efficient performer with retail systems management is designed to transform your store operations, delivering fast ROI. The solution is available exclusively through the worldwide network of authorized IBM Business Partners who are experienced and highly skilled in providing a high level of service for IBM products, customized software and technical support to retailers.

The SurePOS 300 Express is the cost-saving, energy-efficient, compact POS solution

Saving your budget with a profit-friendly, cost-effective solution, the IBM SurePOS 300 Express optimizes your POS investment and lowers total cost of ownership. It offers retail-hardened design for extended service life and is built on open standards for POS application and operating system choice. Existing peripherals can be employed and new ones added to adapt to future business needs. The solution is also easy to manage and service with IBM Retail Systems Management that helps monitor environmental variables and enables proactive maintenance. Easy tool-free access to the hard drive and power supply result in higher uptime and reduced IT service costs.

World-class support
Authorized IBM Business Partners deliver the customized software and services that small and midsized businesses need.

IBM Financing Advantage
IBM Financing Advantage is a smart, simple and complete way to acquire IBM SurePOS Express Solutions. It gives you the control and flexibility you need with an array of financing and leasing options, allowing you to conserve cash, potentially lower your total cost of ownership and help grow your business.

Delivering energy efficiency, space saving and versatility, the IBM SurePOS 300 Express is the affordable, planet-friendly point-of-sale solution designed to enhance the customer experience, increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency. The space-saving solution provides the reliability and performance retailers need to compete. It speeds checkout to promote customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty. It reduces complexity to allow retailers to manage more competitively and improve employee performance while employing breakthrough energy-efficient technology to lower costs and move toward a more sustainable “green” operation.

Empowering your store with critical, on-target data, the IBM SurePOS 300 Express delivers the valuable information you need to maintain a successful operation. Unlike a PC cash drawer or electronic cash register, this advanced POS helps drive business, enabling retailers to collect valuable information with each transaction. POS data can be used for monitoring daily financial returns, inventory management, merchandise planning, supply chain management and loyalty programs. And an IBM POS performs at a lower cost per customer than a PCCD due to faster, more accurate service It’s the same advanced technology employed by global retail brands, engineered and priced for the smaller retailer.

Helping save the environment with breakthrough energy-efficient technology, retailers are able to reduce costs from the substantial energy savings by employing “green” technology. A new, highly efficient power supply and ultra low volt Intel® Celeron® mobile processor save 35 percent on energy. Plus IBM’s innovative deep sleep mode can save another 47 percent of energy…reducing utility costs. This earth-friendly technology saves energy, lowers heat, reduces noise and increases reliability. The IBM SurePOS 300 Express also employs recyclable packaging to help cut waste disposal and meets strict worldwide environmental directives and product end-of-life requirements to restrict hazardous materials.

Offering a small footprint with big performance, less is more with the IBM SurePOS 300 Express…less space, less energy and less cost. Our smallest POS is now 37 percent smaller—measuring just over 10 inches (257 mm) in length, saving an actual $84 in valuable checkout counter space This amazingly small footprint offers flexible space-saving placement and remarkable versatility. The small footprint and distributed components also allow for ideal placement to enhance your store image.

Product View

  • IBM SurePOSTM 300 system with IBM SureMarkTM single station printer, IBM SurePointTM 12" display.
  • Ultra low volt Intel Celeron M 373 processor provides energy-efficient performance
  • Front and rear vents provide better airflow and allow passive cooling
  • Built-in power management including support of deep sleep automation to help minimize energy consumption
  • Remote management enables monitoring of environmental variable for proactive servicing and maintenance to eliminate downtime
  • Color matched peripherals include the IBM SurePoint Solution, IBM SureMark printer, and modular keyboards (all optional)
  • Front access to USB port for easy device attachment
  • Dual video display capability delivers a superior customer experience
  • Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts enable retailers to use existing devices and connect customer or employee devices
  • Ethernet 10/100 connectivity for fast Internet and store communications
  • Tool-free access to key components helps reduce service time and cost
  • 37% smaller footprint than previous models
Processor Intel ULV Celeron M 373 (1.0 GHz)
Ram 512 MB DDR2 (expandable to 2 GB)
I/O Expansion slots 160 G standard
Interfaces RJ45 Ethernet
Giao diện cung cấp nguồn Models 340/34A/ E40/E4A
I/O HUB Interfaces PC USB ports/ RS-232 portsPowered RS-232 ports/ PS/2 keyboard/ mouse/RJ45 Ethernet Video/ Audio line-in, microphone, line-out
System management WfM 1.1, SMBIOS 2.3, PXE 2.0, WOL
Dimensions 9.65"x 10.12"x 3.54" (245 mm x 257 mm x 90 mm)

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