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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT


Raise your productivity and stock optimization with ARALCO’s comprehensive inventory module. Designed to cater to many retail industries for efficient stock control, it is programmed to perform most administrative tasks automatically:

  •  Electronic stock card system
ARALCO keeps an electronic audit trial of every product from first goods receipting, movement between locations, returns, adjustments, sales order to sales receipt.
It can give you complete information in chronological order with click and drill-down to many layers of details associated with the product. 
Retrieve historical information on products for any number of years and there is no limit to data storage.
  •  Goods Receiving 
Goods receiving process allows data entries via standard keyboard, bar code scanners and portable hand-held terminals:

- Receive products into inventory from outstanding purchase orders, back orders, or directly  (without a P.O.)

- Accept entire order with one keystroke or change in the event of discrepancies

- Identify back ordered products, if policy allows

- Centralized or de-centralized receiving example receive goods at POS terminals, at
  warehouse/s, or at back office 
  • Product Types  
    ARALCO inventory system has the capability of managing merchandise of all forms, making it simple for you in the stock control and giving you fast access to real-time stock information presented in the most ideal format:


Apparel, Footwear, Lingerie, Jewelry, Accessories

ARALCO product setup is extremely flexible and it allows you to define up to four (4) dimensional grid per product:


Electronics and Telecom Goods, Camera, Watches 

When products are configured as serial numbered in the ARALCO's product maintenance, serial number becomes mandatory and are recorded in Goods Receiving, Transfers, Returns, Customers' Orders and when they are sold at the POS for warranty purposes. 

ARALCO's Fabric Configurator module configures and manages products sold like sofa with standard choices that customer chooses example,  the fabric and legs options.

Additonal chargeable options can be added to the product with price jump:

Rental Products:  Music and Movie CD/DVDs, Bicycles, Books

Give you the ability to create and manage products witih ARALCO that can be sold or rented out. Products can be rented out by the minute, hour, day, week, quarter or year.   

Weight and Measure Products

This module supports user-defined weight and measure setup and it gives you ability to:

~ Buy wallpaper in rolls and sell by metre at the POS while inventory is tracked by rolls
~ Buy ham or almond in kilogram and sell by grams at the POS with integrated weighing scale
~ Buy draught beer by kegs and sell by pint 
~ Buy in carton, Inventory by boxes, Sell by unit  

  • Inventory Look-up

    This feature is available at any POS and BOS workstations for looking up  stock availabiliity of an individual stock item among your store locations, down to size and colour or serial number.
    It provides you with an immediate real-time stock status eliminating search time and improves your customer shopping experience.         

  • Baroce Label Printing  - Use EAN, 128A, code 3 of 9, or UPC standards
    - Print barcodes from purchase orders, goods received, store inventory records or
      manually by product code
    - Create system generated barcodes or unlimited manufacturer barcodes 
  • Cost & Price - Supplier, landed or average cost for each product
    - Utilize supplier price lists to generate landed costs using multiplier
    - Unlimited price levels by customer group or date sensitive promotions
    - Original price or current price can by used for retail value of inventory
    - Different selling price zone
    - Selling prices in different currencies based on store locations anywhere in the world 
  • Physical Stock Counts Stock counting process allows data entries via standard keyboard, bar code scanners and  portable hand-held terminals. 

    - Physical count does not affect normal operations (eg. sales processing, goods receiving,
      transfers )
    - System takes snapshot of inventory file that is used to compare to actual physical count
    - Provides ample opportunity to enter, check and correct count entries
    - Printed count sheets for manual inventory - ideal for inventory by department
    - Handheld computers can be used to scan barcodes
    - Data from handhelds can be imported to back office directly or via POS terminal
    - Counted items report by store indicates onhand quantities, shortages/overages, cost &
      retail values of discrepancies
    - Uncounted items report by location shows products overlooked or missing from the count 

  • Model stock (min-max) monitoring 
- Pre-set ideal inventory levels by product and location is ideal for retailers who order repeat
- Model stocks by store type allow multi-location operations to reduce data entry and
- Reports of shortages/overages in current on-hand-levels provides alerts for management
- Report also shows shortages/overages at different store locations to drive transfers of
  product from over-stocked stores to under-inventoried locations
- Reduces need for markdowns, prevents over ordering 
  • Just-In-Time Inventory: Automatic Stock Replenishment  
    ARALCO offers just-in-time inventory management with an optional comprehensive module supporting automatic intelligent stock replenishment systems for your stock ordering and stock allocation among your stores.

    This module optimizes stock level over a specified period to carry just enough stock - not too little to miss any sale and not too much to prevent overstocking:~ Uses actual sales history to forecast needs to ensure stock availability for your customers ~ System trips order points and sets minimun orders 

    ~ Numerous user definable settings, including past sales analysis, supplier lead times, trend  overrides, provides more accurate reordering parameters 
    ~ Supplier range, product groups, stores, multiplier factors, sales factors and reorder points can be  specified to allow adjustments for the season, upcoming exhibition near your store or economic climate
    ~ Purchase orders/ recommended transfers are created and the user is given the opportunity to  overide the suggested quantities
    ~ Once the Purchase Orders are finalized by the operator, the system prints them by supplier
    ~ Recommended distribution list provided for goods received, with system re-calculating each store's requirement for the items received
  •  Stock Optimization / Balancing 
This module helps optimize your inventory level across all stores and warehouses. You can create the "proximity" setup of stores and prioritize which stores should share inventory for optimization within a geographic region. 

This automatic balancing system would then calculate the required quantities of a stock item or range of stock items for each location by processing stores and warehouses within the closest proximity for excessive inventory and would recommend a transfer to store/s that has low stock level. If the transfer is approved by the allocating user, inter-branch transfer notes are automatically generated for picking and shipment/delivery. 
  • Inter-branch Stock Transfer

          Stock transfer processing allows data entries via standard keyboard, bar code scanners and
          portable hand-held terminals.

          - Transfers can be initiated or completed at the POS terminals or BOS worktstation
          - Transfes can be completed at stores for increased efficiency
          - Transfer reports allows monitoring from Back Office
          - Real-time communication ensures all locations can view and receive transfers instantly  

  • Stock Adjustments, Cost Adjustments
  • Perpetual inventory for multiple locations and warehouse 
  • Transactions recorded by date, product number, location
  • Inventory reports by quantity, cost, retail, potential gross profit margins 
  • Product information includes weight, shelf or bin location, tax status, supplier remarks
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