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Sản phẩm TOSHIBA đạt tiêu chuẩn Bộ Công Thương
Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

LS Retail NAV

Why Dynamics NAV - Simple, Smart, Innovative
Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the business management solution with more than one million users worldwide, sets the global standard for functionality, international scope, adaptability and ease of use. With availability in more than 42 country versions, since 1984 Microsoft Dynamics NAV has established itself as the choice for businesses and organizations looking for a complete business management solution that is fast to implement, easy to configure,
simple to use and affordable.

Why LS Retail - Retail depth and expertise
Since 1988, LS Retail has been singularly focused on providing solutions to meet the needs of the demanding retail environment on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The LS Retail solution has been translated into 33 languages and is distributed through a global partner network of more than 120 certified partners in over 60 countries. With over 1.700 companies, 33,000 stores and over 70,000 POS terminals, LS Retail is the global leader in retail solutions for Microsoft Dynamics.
Powerful integrated Retail Solution
LS Retail is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV; therefore, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. This makes it possible to track individual transactions from the POS to the General Ledger, which maximizes your business value. This also means that users have access to other parts of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV application, such as Finance, Sales and Marketing, Warehousing and Service. Because of the integration between LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, users need only become familiar with one interface and the same logic applies to usage at all levels.
  • Raise productivity – for healthy margins and a strong bottom line
  • Easily produce visuals, tables, reports – for optimizing your business plan
  • Make your processes transparent and efficient – for customer satisfaction an easy-to-measure business performance
  • Grow your business – quickly adapt to changes in your organization and environment while the cost of ownership stays low


“Microsoft Dynamics NAV together with LS Retail offers a comprehensive, cost-effective, and standardized solution that fulfills all our business needs. With it we´ve enhanced the shopping experience for customers and employees alike.”
Mr. Jassim Sajwani, Director of IT and Administration at aswaaq, Dubai, UAE

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