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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Trang chủ Bán lẻ Retail Solutions Aralco Marketing Campaigns, Event and Promotional Management

Marketing Campaigns, Event and Promotional Management




Designed with marketing executives in mind, ARALCO eases the execution of various promotion campaigns by enabling the team to target walk-ins, individuals and group of customers throughout the year.
The following campaigns are centrally managed in the back office with automatic execution at the ARALCO POS: 

  • Managed quantity discount groups with a defined range of products for up-selling 
  • Buy one get "one free" or "at half price"
  • Package sale
  • Tag-along promotion
  • Kit sets or assembly for a defined range of products such as gift baskets, hampers for festive seasons or special occasions like Valentine's Day, Christmas. Automatically calculate kit cost and check inventory availability when manufacturing kits.
  • Promotional period by date range and products definable by season, age, brand, product group, and location with different markdowns for End of Season Sales, Members' Night, Christmas Specials or any promotional events.
  • Day of week and time sensitive promotion on user-defined range of products 

More Features:

  • Loyalty marketing - helps convert your customers to frequent shoppers and encourages regular visits to earn more rewards as they spend more at your retail stores
  • Gift Card program - gives you advance payment and helps drive new customer traffic to your retail stores 
  • Email Broadcasting tools - enable you to actively target based on demographic profile of your customers and engage them with regular newsletters, announcements to draw them to your retail stores.
  • In-store card printing solutions - Connect ARALCO POS or any workstations to Zebra ZXP 3 card printer for high speed and quality printing of membership, loyalty and gift card, enhancing the customer experience
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