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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Trang chủ MÁY BÁN HÀNG POS Máy POS Partner Tech Máy bán hàng POS Partner Tech, PT-8800

Máy bán hàng POS Partner Tech,  PT-8800

Máy bán hàng POS Partner Tech, PT-8800

Mã sp: PT-8800
Nhãn hiệu: Partner Tech
Giá bán: Call
Bình chọn:
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Chia sẻ :
The PT-8800 is a top-of-the-range POS terminal system with an impressive technological configuration. It is space saving and particularly service compatible. The PT-8800 is available with an Intel® Pentium IV CPU. An outstanding processing power is guaranteed and it is also available with an additional monitor, offering a real benefit. This means customers can follow the checkout transaction in real time or can be provided with additional product information about goods purchased or the receipt. With the double touch screen options it can be used from two sides i.e. at a bar. Bartender from one side and a waiter from the other side can operate the POS or it can be used for direct interactive communication with the customers.



Intel® Celeron-2.5GHz or PIV-2.8GHz


Support Two DDR DIMM 512MB (up   to 2GB)


Award PnP   BIOS

Operator LCD Monitor

15" TFT Color Display, 0~60   tilt angle

Touch Panel

5-Wire Resistive Touch (optional capacitive)

Viewing Angle

0 to 60   tilt

H.D.D. & Storage

One 3.5" IDE Hard Drive


Compact Flash Card Socket, IDE   interface.


10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet onboard

I/O Interface


-4*D-sub 9 pin Serial ports   provide DC+5V or DC+12V with jumper free BIOS setting on rear I/O   panel, 2 serial ports pin-headers onboard (1 reserved for touch, 1 for   customer display)


- 1 * LPT port onboard


- 2 * 3W speaker


- 1 * PS/2 Mouse port


- 1 * PS/2 KB port


- 4 * USB 2.0 ports (2*powered USB (DC+12V and DC+24V)   on rear I/O panel, 2*USB on front)


- 1 * DB-15 VGA port


- 1 * RJ11 Cash Drawer port with DC+24V


- 2 * Audio ports(1*Line-out, 1*Mic-in, both in the rear   panel)


- 1 * RJ-45 LAN port


Operation System

DOS, WIN 2000/XP Pro/XPe, Linux, CE.NET

Power Supply

Internal 220W Switching Power Supply


Operating   Temperature: 0~40 degree C 


Storage Temperature: -20~60 degree C


Physical: 344mm (W) x348mm (D) x 375mm (H) w/o MSR


- Magnetic   Stripe Reader (dual or three tracks)


-   Biometric Reader


- I-Button  


-KB32 32-Key keypad


-Integrated 2x20 VFD Rear Customer Display


-Secondary 15"LCD Screen





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