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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

IBM Sure POS 100 Express

IBM Sure POS 100 Express

Mã sp: SurePOS100Express
Nhãn hiệu: IBM
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Powerful and affordable

The IBM SurePOS™ 100 Express is an all-in-one system for small to mid-sized businesses that need the same reliability and performance from their point-of-sale as larger companies, and demand exceptional value. The space-saving POS delivers the power to run today’s off-the-shelf and customized software applications for front-end and back-office functions, including checkout and inventory control. Yet, the energy-efficient processor helps reduce power consumption to help lower total cost of ownership.

Integrated yet flexible design

The IBM SurePOS 100 Express delivers a unique balance of all-in-one design and flexibility. Retailers have a choice of displays, printers and cash drawers, as well as an internal CD-ROM. Standard and powered ports connect new and existing peripherals, enabling you to create a cost-effective configuration. You can meet your stores’ needs, without putting together unproven solutions from multiple vendors.

The compact, retail-hardened system is easy to install and incorporates the technology retailers need to manage operations in convenience, grocery, specialty and other environments, including enterprise class systems management through Remote Management Agent.

Strong investment protection

Over 30 years’ retail experience goes into designing and manufacturing the IBM SurePOS 100 Express to help insure each system provides long-lasting service. This rugged POS is built to withstand dust, dirt, vibrations, electrostatic shock and fluctuations in temperature and humidity. IBM retail hardening minimizes downtime and maintenance. Plus, unlike many PC-based POS systems, the SurePOS 100 Express has an extended marketing life of at least 24 months which helps simplify servicing and upgrading the system while helping to reduce total cost of ownership.

Open standards-based architecture

IBM is dedicated to delivering open platform solutions with broad operating system support. That is why the IBM SurePOS 100 Express offers not only models pre-configured with Microsoft® Windows® Embedded for Point of Service and DOS operating environments, but also models enabled for Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP Professional and SUSE Linux®—to help maximize your choice of POS applications from IBM Business Partners.

Processor VIA C7® 2 GHz
Ram 256 MB DDR2 (expandable to 1 GB)
I/O Expansion slots 1 half-size PCI adapter slot
Interfaces Optional CD-ROM
Giao diện cung cấp nguồn 75 W typical, 40 W standby
I/O HUB Interfaces 80 GB (or larger)
Drivers OPOS 1.9.x
System management Video (SVGA), RS-232 (2), Powered RS-232 (2), USB (2), 12-volt Powered USB (1), Front-access USB (1), PS/2 keyboard, PC mouse, Ethernet, cash drawer
Dimensions Model 118/E18: 15" x 19.7" x 14.7" (382 mm x 502 mm x 358 mm) Model 108/E08: 15" x 19.7" x 14.7" (382 mm x 502 mm x 360 mm)
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP Professional1 SUSE Linux2 Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service (Model E08* and Model E18) Upgrades are available for Microsoft Windows XP for Embedded Systems PC DOS 2000 (preloaded on Model 108 and Model 118)

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