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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Trang chủ MÁY BÁN HÀNG POS Máy POS Nec Máy bán hàng POS Nec TWINPOS G7

Máy bán hàng POS Nec TWINPOS G7

Máy bán hàng POS Nec TWINPOS G7

Nhãn hiệu: Nec
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 Máy bán hàng POS Nec TWINPOS G7

  • Intel Celeron® P4505 1,86 GHz / Core i3 330E, 2.13 GHz / Core i5 520E, 2.4 GHz 
  • Ngành công nghiệp hàng đầu mới TCO
  • Bảo trì và bảo dưỡng công cụ miễn phí
  • Lập cấu hình linh hoạt cho mục đích sử dụng khác nhau
  • Thiết kế khả năng mở rộng và di chuyển tiết kiệm chi phí
  • Giám sát từ xa và hỗ trợ bảo trì

TWINPOS G7 streamlines your retail operations with TCO-slashing serviceability and powerful energy-efficient performance — made possible by NEC DANTOTSU "leading-edge" technology that flexibly satisfies the highest expectations of demanding retailers worldwide. Advances include easy screw-less component removal, a choice of four energy-efficient Intel Core™ i CPUs, a guaranteed 5-year supply of key components, optional remote monitoring service*, and the smallest footprint of any competing system. Discover the clear advantages of TWINPOS G7.

*  Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. 
* Microsoft Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. 
* Celeron® is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. See the notes in the relevant products for details. The colors of products shown in this website may vary from actual product colors due to printing conditions. 
* Core™ is a trademark of Intel Corporation. 
* When exporting this product, follow the necessary procedures such as application for export permits from the Japanese government, as stipulated in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. Also, follow the required procedures for applicable U.S. Export Administration Regulations or other foreign government regulations.

Items Specifications
Processor Intel Celeron® P4505 1.86 GHz /Core i3 330E, 2.13 GHz/Core i5 520E, 2.4 GHz
Main Memory 1 GB to 4 GB DDR3
Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive 320 GB or higher
Operating System Pre-installed Windows® Embedded POSReady 2009
Operating Systems Supported

Windows® XP Professional (SP3/32-bit)

Windows® 7 Professional (32-bit)

Windows® Embedded POSReady 2009

RJ45 Ethernet 1 x 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
Interface Standard USB Plus DC OUT Plus
Display Ports DVI x 1, VGA x 1
PS/2 Ports 2
Line-in 1
Microphone 1
Line-out/headphone 1
USB Ports 3 x USB 2.0 (1 front)
Powered USB (12V) 1 4 1
Powered USB (24V) 1 1 0
Powered COM (+5V/+12V) 3 1 3

DC-out +24V

(for printer, max 3A)

0 0 1
DC-out (+12V) 0 0 1
Cash Drawer Ports 2 2 2
Parallel Ports 1 1 1

Power Consumption

(without peripherals)

Approx 140W (max 240W)
Dimensions (W x D x H)

300 x 260 x 110 mm

11.8 x 10.2 x 4.3 inches



Giá bán: Call


Giá bán: Call


Giá bán: Call


Giá bán: Call

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