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Sản phẩm TOSHIBA đạt tiêu chuẩn Bộ Công Thương
Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Trang chủ MÁY KIỂM KHO Máy Kiểm Kho Honeywell Máy Kiểm Kho Honeywell Dolphin 9950/9951 Series

Máy Kiểm Kho Honeywell Dolphin 9950/9951 Series

Máy Kiểm Kho Honeywell Dolphin 9950/9951 Series

Mã sp: Dolphin 9950-9951
Nhãn hiệu: Honeywell
Giá bán: Call
Bình chọn:
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Chia sẻ :

Remote MasterMind® Ready: Reduces total cost of ownership by providing a turnkey remote device management solution that easily manages and tracks usage of installed devices

Optimal Combination of Industrial-Grade Durability and Usability: Internal magnesium-alloy roll cage, environmentally sealed housing and specialized wear-resistant components deliver reliability in demanding mobile environments, while an ergonomic design provides comfortable and intuitive use.

Wireless Local and Personal Area Networking: Integrated multi-mode wireless technology includes 802.11b/g for real-time data exchange plus Bluetooth for efficient wireless connection to peripheral devices.

Versatile, High Performance Data Collection: Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 reads linear and 2D bar codes, captures digital images, and enables electronic signature capture—enabling workers to do more with a single device.

Shift-PLUS™ Power Management: Powers scan intensive, real-time wireless applications continuously for 10 hours or more, enhancing productivity while greatly extending useful battery life and reducing replacement costs.

Windows Mobile® 6.1: Latest industry-standard platform for developers and users ensures ease of integration and intuitive use.

User-Preferred Ergonomic Design: Pistol-grip form factor facilitates comfortable, single-handed data collection for extended periods of use.

Long-Range Bar Code Scanning (9951 only): Allows workers to comfortably scan distant bar codes (up to 30 feet) from the ground or forktruck, resulting in increased worker productivity and safety.


9900: 86 mm x 244 mm x 53 mm (3.4˝ x 9.6˝ x 2.1˝)
9950/9951: 86 mm x 244 mm x 60 mm (3.4˝ x 9.6˝ x 2.4˝) at display, 34 mm (1.3˝) at grip


9900: 21.4 oz (606 g); 9950: 22.9 oz (649 g); 9951: 23.5 oz (665 g)


Intel XScale PXA270 624 MHz

Operating System

Windows Mobile 6.1


256MB RAM X 1GB Flash


3.5 in. 1/4 VGA (240 x 320 portrait mode) color TFT LCD display with industrial-grade, polycarbonate touch panel


Three hard-top keyboard options: 35-key numeric-shifted alpha, 43-key alpha-shifted numeric, and 56-key
full alpha/numeric


Two on-board speakers, microphone and standard 2.5mm headset jack

I/O Ports

Industrial I/O connector supports USB 1.1 and serial RS-232 (115 Kbps) communication and charges via cradles,
AC adapter cables, Integrated IrDA port, Integrated audio jack that acts as a speaker and a microphone


14.8 Wh Extended-life, Li-ion battery pack with hot-swappable design for fast replacement in the field


5300 Standard Range with High-Vis laser aimer, 5100 Standard Range & 5100
Smart Focus with green aimer. Caution - use of controls or adjustments or performance
of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

Laser Scan Options

HP (High Performance); LR (Long Range); ALR (Advanced Long Range)

Decode Capabilities

Reads standard 1D and 2D symbologies

WWAN (9900 only)

GSM Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) radio with accessible SIM card interface, GSM release 99, EDGE
(E-GPRS) multi-slot Class 12, GPRS multi-slot Class 12


IEEE 802.11b/g


Bluetooth (Class 2)

GPS (9900 only)

Integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver with internal antenna supporting SiRFstarIII technology

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