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Sản phẩm TOSHIBA đạt tiêu chuẩn Bộ Công Thương
Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Tracks Courier

TRACKS Courier enables courier companies to make timely pickup and delivery of consignments. The application automates the flow of information between the dispatcher and the courier personnel.

The TRACKS Courier application has three main functionalities:MAY-BAN-HANG

Job Dispatchment
Allows the dispatcher to enter and retrieve customer information, review jobs received from the backend system, create new jobs, dispatch jobs, send messages to the courier agents, track courier status, view and modify job details, monitor allocated jobs, and view a listing of active routes/couriers including the time that they sign on or off the system. Also enables couriers to accept or reject jobs in real-time, message the dispatcher as well as review jobs and customer information.

Track and Trace
Courier agents use a rugged device to capture signatures, scan relevant images (e.g., bar codes) and input job status details. This information is the sent wirelessly to backend systems for processing. Customers are then able to check on-line on the status of their consignments or track their consignment over the web. Customers can also review status history and details as well as receive SMS or email alerts when there is a change in the status of their consignment.

Query and Report Generation
Allows managers to perform on-line enquiries or generate performance and analysis reports on a courier agent's pickup and deliveries. Details provided include: job summary by courier, status history by item, courier daily response time report, courier daily workload and performance report.

Technical components

  •     Wireless bar code scanner applications with connectivity to the backend office
  •     Office dispatching application that is comprehensive and easy to use
  •     Databridge ready for integration to backend systems

Value-add to customers

Increased productivity
Dispatchers achieve better real-time visibility and control over their courier personnel. This translates to better management of consignments and optimal utilization of their courier personnel.

Reduced costs
By automating the input of data, efficiency and accuracy is increased. Reduction in paperwork and the number of times data is manual input led to fewer errors and lower costs.

Increased timeliness
With real-time control over the management of consignments, the company can better ensure the timeliness of deliveries.

Improved customer service
Details of the job, including the status, are available, enabling the courier enterprise to better service customer enquiries.

Target Clients

TRACKS Courier is targeted at courier companies whose number one priority is the timely pickup and delivery of consignments.

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