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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Trang chủ Kho vận Warehousing & Transportation

Warehousing & Transportation

Fully Automate Warehouse Management and Optimize Transportation Planning

Warehousing and TransportationAs supply chain models evolve and supplier relationships become more collaborative, the process of storing and transporting inventory is becoming even more complex. Organizations have become both cost-driven and environmentally-conscious in their efforts to optimize warehouse operations and cut transportation costs to the bare minimum.

With Tvintec Warehousing and Transportation solutions, including automation, voice technology, and advanced optimization strategies, companies are uncovering opportunities to make warehousing and transportation functions more efficient than ever before. These technologies are transforming the traditional warehouse environment and helping to build logistics strategies that benefit the business, customers and the planet.

Build Logistics Strategies that Benefits the Business, Customers and the Planet

As the industry’s leading software specialist, Aldata offers modular solutions specifically designed to address the unique warehousing and transportation challenges that organizations face:

  • Fully automate warehouse operations with comprehensive WMS capabilities that deliver permanent visibility, from reception to dispatch
  • Use voice-directed warehousing to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Decrease transportation costs and reduce carbon footprints through optimized truck capacity and transportation routes
  • Optimize warehouse replenishment through advanced forecasting and inventory management capabilities
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