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Sản phẩm TOSHIBA đạt tiêu chuẩn Bộ Công Thương
Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

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TOSHIBA TEC self service Kiosk solutions


TOSHIBA TEC self service Kiosk solutions

“Touch the Difference Today”

TOSHIBA TEC has launched an innovative new series of Kiosk solutions that deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information to retailers customers.

The delivery of personalized information in a timely manner is what will make the customers decide if they will return to the shop (or not). They also look for personalized information through their smart phones, self service Kiosk and payment terminals.

To meet the customers requirements, the new Toshiba TEC self service solutions will :

>> Deliver a better user experience

>> Deliver value-added services to meet the consumers and business partners needs.

>> Enable retailers to establish a better revenue-building content platforms

Toshiba’s self service Kiosk will be used by retailers to provide secure content, to any device, in any location, from a single, open IP delivery platform.

Toshiba will help create a 360-degree experiences so that users can navigate and move across platforms, feel and touch the retailers brands in a seamless manner.

Toshiba self-service kiosks hail a new era of interactive customer solutions which facilitate true efficiency in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment. With up-to-the-minute information, slick multimedia presentations, integral printing and optional POS functionality, Toshiba kiosks are the smart retail asset for the digital age.

Self-service kiosks provide companies with invaluable data and resources to enable effective business management and growth.
• Display detailed product information
• Analyze customer data for business strategies
• Queue-busting in peak periods

TOSHIBA has the capability to customize kiosks in-house. Facial Recognition, 3D Glassless Displays, Printing Solutions etc... Every module are produced in-house.


For more information on TVINTEC kiosks and digital signage or for a dealer in your area, call (08) 3841 1206 or visit www.toshibatecvietnam.com

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