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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

LS Retail


LS Retail provides end-to-end solutions and services for the Retail, Hospitality and Forecourt industries based on Microsoft Dynamics and .NET technology.

LS Retail is sold and supported by more than 120 certified partners in over 60 countries, which makes it possible to deploy LS Retail on a worldwide scale.

LS Retail has been installed by 2.000 companies with 38.000 stores operating over 85.000 POS terminals worldwide.

Among many satisfied users of our solutions are: adidas, Kiddicare UK, Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), Dreams, Rivoli Group, aswaaq, Popular Bookstores, Pizza Hut, IKEA, Hard Rock Café Germany, ABRL Group, Uninor, Gallo Retail Inc., Bouwmaat, Fun Belgium, Keria, THE One , Bodycare International, Marketing Investment Group (MIG) Poland, Best Denki, Eu Yang San, Sony Co. (Hong Kong), Baltika Group, Cili Pizza, Elie Saab, Wind Italy, Topps Tiles, DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited), Kingdoms of Dreams and many more.
LS Retail is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.

Like Microsoft Dynamics, LS Retail is an open source system, which gives consulting companies and implementers the possibility to easily customize the system according to their needs.

In today's complex and challenging retail environment, understanding and anticipating the needs of consumers and customer retention is of critical importance to retail success.


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