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Thông tư 30/2011/TT-BCT

Vista Cinema

The Vista Cinema system is used by a range of exhibitors, from single screen independent cinemas, to circuits with more than 100 sites and 1000 screens. Having been developed with the needs of the worldwide exhibition community in mind, Vista Cinema is highly flexible and easy to use.

Vista’s extensive product line covers Box Office, Concessions, Back Office, full Home Office function, and a variety of sales channels including Facebook Ticketing and Web Ticketing, Call Centre, IVR, Mobile POS and Kiosk.

Vista has created a true enterprise system for the cinema exhibitor. The modular system means that whether you run 1 cinema or 100 cinemas, Vista has all the functionality you need to help run your cinemas the way you want.

Discover for yourself why our clean look and feel, advanced functionality, high reliability and low cost of ownership have made Vista a global leader in the cinema software market place.

For further information on Vista Cinema click here to request our product information sheets, or email Vista directly to discuss your requirements with us.

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