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Trang chủ Giải pháp Retail Solutions Aralco

Retail Solutions Aralco

IRMCS leverages ARALCO Business Solutions for Retailers, an all-in-one comprehensive retail enterprise management software solution. It automates all sales channels  and securely controls all business and work processes seamlessly between front and back-end.

Real-time Processes

A key feature of the ARALCO application is its ability to operate in real time, giving you full visibility. The entire system works in real-time across the organization via local area network (LAN), virtual private network (VPN) and the Internet, for both front (pos) and back end operations.

It offers critical up-to-the-minute information at the click of a button, enabling immediate responses to business challenges and greater flexibility to make improved business decisions.


Advantages of Real-time Processes at the POS

Real-time processing at the POS, arms your counter staff with the latest information and tools to heighten your customers' shopping experience.

  • Rewards Points - These are calculated, issued and/or redeemed on the spot, without any delays or outdated reward status. 
  • Sales of Gift Card -  Purchased values are uploaded instantly and can be debited at any store, anytime.
  • Real-time Information - Sales transactions, inventory and sales value are instantly updated automatically at your local or remote central server - giving you a real-time view of your business performance, customer orders and inventory status.
  • Inventory Lookup – This allows you to locate any out of stock SKU's availability among your stores, right down to color, size and fabric, and serial number when applicable. It provides immediate real-time stock status eliminating search time and improves customer experience.
  • Centralized Discount Control - This offers headquarters better control over promotions and programs in areas such as membership privileges, product promotion pricing and markdowns and upsell promotions.
  • Sales Processing – Real-time automation speeds up POS sales processing significantly and accurately to benefit both customers and retailers.


ARALCO's advanced Retail Management and Point of Sales  (pos) Systems have been developed using the latest technologies in software, hardware and communications systems available today. 

The core software platform based on Microsoft® SQL Server relational database engine, is one of the most powerful systems in existence today.

With a built-in robust Communication Server, ARALCO Back Office Systems (BOS) communicate real time with ARALCO POS and BOS workstations to update transactions and information automatically in the centralized Microsoft® SQL database Server.

The main applications are written with Microsoft® Visual Studio, which is an extremely powerful application development tool with a large support network worldwide.


ARALCO not only offers a real-time complete integrated retail solution, it allows you to grow your business locally and globally, with no restriction nor limitation in both software and hardware.

Developed with your business's scalability in mind, ARALCO is fully :

  • Multi-User Networking
  • Multi-Company
  • Multi-Region
  • Multi-Country
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Brand
  • Multi-Supplier
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Store
  • Multi-POS (within store)
  • Multi-Channel


 Multi-Channel Capabilities




Today’s retailers have multiple ways to engage transactions – online, on the phone or in-store. IRMCS’s ready business solutions houses franchise, wholesale, retail, online stores as well as marketing, CRM and loyalty program channels under one central database complete with real-time processes across your enterprise.

Regardless of your business size, the unified system significantly improves your IT infrastructure, giving you round-the-clock access to manage your business and the tools to raise the bar on your competitors.

Reliable, affordable, effective and scalable, ARALCO boasts a wide variety of modules which can be combined to match your specific business needs:

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